Friday, October 14, 2011

Oxygen Utilization and the Digestive Enzyme Test

Yesterday, we checked the results of our oxygen utilization tests of our unknown bacteria. Both the thioglycollate broth and the GasPak tests indicated our unknown bacteria L is a facultative anaerobe, which means it can utilize oxygen when present, but that it is also capable of thriving without oxygen present.

Next, we made streak plates to test the digestive enzymes of our unknown bacteria. We streaked a starch agar plate, a lipid plate, and a casein plate (skim milk). After 24 hours, we came back to check the results. After adding Gram's iodine to the starch plate, we determined unknown L 25 was negative for starch hydrolysis. The casein plate also indicated our bacteria was negative for casein hydrolysis. The triglyceride plate was different, our bacteria indicated positive for lipid hydrolysis! We're getting so close to identifying it!

Enjoy the pictures!

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